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The Ripple Effect of Overcoming Challenges.

According to the dictionary the word challenge means “a call to prove or justify something.”

And the verb overcoming means to succeed in dealing with a problem or difficulty.

When we combine these two words, power is generated and success is manufactured.

How often do we feel the need to justify ourselves or justify our actions? Or justify our lack of action in some cases.

The challenges we all face can have a personal or professional impact.

When we overcome challenges the ripple effect can indeed be profound and have a huge impact.

In my opinion, personal challenges are the hardest to overcome. And they are the challenges that have the greatest ripple effect on our professional lives. These types of challenges relate to our physical or mental states. They also have the greatest impact on our circumstances.

Nevertheless, it’s obvious that our professional challenges are integrated and intertwined with our personal challenges and the two will often go hand in glove.

Consider the key personal challenge of improving your fitness. Simply put, you will need to commit to eating well and then secondly blend your diet with exercise. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Then why is it so hard to implement health and wellbeing into our lives? We all struggle to blend it harmoniously in to our lives, that is, until it becomes part of our lives and the benefits become part of the overcoming power of improving.

Once the personal challenge of living a healthy life becomes integrated and sustained with your weekly routine, it will start to produce an overcoming power. A power that propels your self-esteem to new heights. A power that creates a ripple effect on your personal outlook. You will start feeling better about yourself as well, and the ripple effect of this is profound in nature.

Here’s the thing about overcoming the challenge of maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is known to improve and sharpen your memory and even improve your thinking. It is a well-known fact that the same endorphins that make you feel better also help you concentrate and the ripple effect will be good for business.

Imaging the benefits to your professional life or your business when you overcome the personal challenge of improving your physical fitness. It will improve and stimulate growth of new innovative thoughts, because it helps create new brain cells and helps prevent age-related deterioration. Now that’s good for business.

It is no secret that we all want to build and grow our businesses and professional lives. So, let’s start by overcoming the simple challenges first — like eating well and implementing exercise consistently into the vessel of change that is our body.

The power in overcoming challenges all stems from firstly looking after ourselves. This simple challenge is the one thing that will catapult your success to new heights. All other personal and professional challenges will fall into line and the ripple effect will be the power of overcoming which will yield to your desire to simply improve.

Remember, to be gentle and patient with yourself and be deliberate at the same time — it gets easier when you recognise the ripple effects of rewards caused by overcoming challenges.

Keep on keeping on and be great today.

I am an entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Gulth Group. I spend most of my time evoking the vision and go to market strategies for business owners.